Rodeo Community Breakfast and Worship Service

Sunday, July 19, at the Pretty Prairie Grade School Auditorium

Participating churches and their congregations: The, Pretty Prairie United Methodist Church, First Mennonite, Calvary Chapel, New Jerusalem Church, and Castleton Church






Breakfast Buffet 9:45 – 10:30

Community Worship 10:45

All are welcome to worship and celebrate our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us exalt His name together.

Guest Speaker Pastor Keith Dellenbach

 Donations will go to the Community Food Bank

Spiritual Growth Course

The course began on Sunday June 14. It is a practical day to day working on your inner reconstruction, often referred to as regeneration.  This course will work for you to the extent that you use the tasks, and observe what happens in your inner life. Metaphorically, this course is like the reconstruction of our church steeple. The work began inside the steeple. So it is with spiritual life. This course is not about improving your business, finances, your physical health or your relationships. It focuses on the vertical dimension of your inner life and your relationship with God as you understand Him. It is quite possible that the inner work will lead to improvements in other areas.

The church building has been undergoing reconstruction beginning from inside the steeple, to the outer walls. 20150618_063930

The pictures show a progress, and so it is with our spiritual life, Spiritual Growth takes effort and attention to the details of our inner life. Reconstructing our inner life is possible but it is by no means instant. The work goes on day by day. The results of inner work may not be as obvious as seeing the church building becoming renewed. We must remember to attribute our progress to the Lord. People participating spiritual growth classes report, a sense of peace and  in-breaking of joy. It is all about becoming awake to our connection to the divine within. 20150705_090939

Participants will receive handouts each week. There will be binders and sheet protectors available for your handouts.

There are 12 sessions in the First Volume of the course. Each session has its printed material and handouts. Leaders should be familiar with the course material and work on the task before the lesson. As leaders, we are also travelling along the spiritual journey. Sharing our experiences with the tasks is at the core of the course, however, you may choose to pass during the sharing.

The First Session, “Waking up to Spiritual Life”,  was led, by Rev Gabriella

The Second session, “The Infernal Marriage” on June 21st  was led by Rev. Jane Siebert.

The Third session, “Not Identifying with Negative Emotions”, was led by Debbie Grable.

The Fourth Session, “Dealing with Criticism” was led by Rev. Gabriella.

The Fifth Session, “Applying the Golden Rule”, will be led by Linda Kraus.

The Sixth session, “Taming of the Wild Elephants, will be led by Gabriella

Please feel free to start at the Refreshments Table We, (Leaders) will have refreshments on the back table by 9:45 am.

At 10 am, we will move to the tables for the class. Please refrain from having refreshments with the exception of coffee or water, during the lesson.

This our agenda for each session with the exception of the first one, which does not have sharing.

  • We will begin with one hymn
  • Meditation
  • Sharing about the task assigned the week before
  • Talk
  • Task for next week & Handouts
  • Prayer

The Lessons is one hour.

Invitation to gather for refreshments at the back of the church.


Church Steeple Under Construction

Last Maundy Thursday night, or early Good Friday morning, a severe storm swept through Pretty Prairie and much of Kansas. Properties suffered grave damage; in fields, cemeteries, trees, irrigation systems, barns, and church buildings.

The church

Maundy Thursday morning


People in our town love that church steeple nearly as much as we do, who who gather to worship in that building. The church steeple, a landmark in the community was blown away.

The Church rsteeple readied for construction

The Church steeple readied for construction

Day by day the church steeple is undergoing construction.

This summer, much like our church steeple, we will embark an an internal construction, a series of classes on Spiritual Growth.

Above, is the first lesson, involves assessing assessing the state of our internal life or spiritual life, answering the question “where are we”.

The work begins

The work begins

And, it continues, day by day.  We note it’s progress.



Vision Describes a Process, Not an outcome says Gregg Burch, a man who has been involved in Visioning in corporate America. Like Gregg Burch, I’ve been involved in an inspiring and revitalizing church visioning process but have also seen it become unsuccessful. It is important understand that Visioning is a spiritual process, awakening our deepest feelings about our church and ultimately about the church that is within. Ultimately, it is about discovering our relationship to God amongst each other in our church and in the community. How do we demonstrate this relationship as children of God in our church and the community?The goal of the visioning process is to create a Vision statement everyone agrees upon. In other words all voices are heard and everyone’s ideas are welcome. The best outcome is most likely when people work together in a group. Developing a Vision statement through the process cannot be rushed. It is more of flowing process than a step by step by stage process. Stages not only overlap but flow from one to another.

We began a visioning process in November. You may have seen the board with the attached pink and blue sticky notes in the church. We returned to the  first stage questions on February 8. New sticky notes were added. The first question: What do you love about our church. Think about you memories your families. Think about your relationship to our church the reasons why you come to church. The pink notes are your written thoughts. There is no deadline, other notes may be added. This project invites you to reflect, meditate on what this church means to you, what you love and value about our church. You might write why you want to see this church thrive.

Pink sticky notes

Blue sitcky notes

This projects is about visioning your church in the future? How do you see the church a few years from now? Who will be in this church?

The second question: What would you like to see changed involves creative thinking just as much as the first question did. Is there something you think may be done to improve our church our involvement in the community? What is your vision and do you see barriers that may keep that vision from becoming a reality? Do you envision our church growing? Do you envision new people coming into our church? What would attract people to come into our church? What may be barriers to new people coming to our church? At this stage we are not in the “fix it” mode. We are not trying to solve problems at this point. We are brainstorming. We do not critique ideas presented by some else though we may ask clarification questions.

I invite you to write your notes and place them on the board with the ones already on the board. If you are unable to do this, ask someone to do it for you. This is open to everyone who has been involved the Pretty Prairie church. Your voices are very important.  We will have other meetings in the next few months. At the next meeting, we will review what has already been posted and move to the next stage. I will continue to update this page.

Look for the next Visioning Meeting announced in an email and in the Event Calendar.




Prayer Time

 Prayer Time begins, Thursday, December 18 at 6 pm in the New Jerusalem Sanctuary. The Advent Season is the perfect beginning for “Prayer Time”, a sacred time to spend talking with our heavenly father: to bring our concerns, fears and joys to God’s presence.The worship is intimate, informal and short in duration. If you cannot come to Prayer Time, you may submit a prayer by email, phone or just place it in the prayer box on the “angel Table” in the Sanctuary.
Prayers will be read during prayer time and offered to our heavenly father who knows our needs and yet we are encouraged to “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:1(ESV).  Gwynne Dresser’s little book, Talking with God inspired for many years. In this short Prayer Time we will enter into conversation with God. 

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

The New Jerusalem Church has been celebrating Christmas Eve Candlelight Services for over 100 years. The congregation prepares throughout the Advent Season for this special event. Preparations are hands on activities involve the “The Hanging of the Greens”, gift exchange, gathering gifts and donations for families in need. The more spiritual preparations involve weekly meditations on  lighting the Advent Candle, Sunday School lessons focusing on the prophecies culminating in the Christmas Eve service. The church lends itself beautifully to an intimate simple celebration of Jesus’ birth. All are welcome to attend. At the close of worship, Santa arrives bringing gifts to all the children.


Christmas Season Movies: an alternative to football viewing

The movies will be shown at the parsonage, 125 S. Collingwood in Pretty Prairie, KS.

Beginning Saturday Night Saturday, November 29, we will be showing movies with the Christmas theme.

All have been previewed and are inspiring some are deeply moving. Although all movies are appropriate for children, parents should inquire about specific movie suitability for ages younger than 10 years.

Seating is limited, please RSVP by Friday before each movie by calling 620-459-6954.

1st movie, Saturday, November 29 at 5:30 pm (light refreshments will be served) A Christmas Carol, based on Charles Dickens, celebrated story of Scrooge a miserly old businessman in 1840’s London. One Christmas Eve he is visited by the ghost of Marley, his dead business partner. Marley foretells that Scrooge will be visited by three spirits, each of whom will attempt to show Scrooge the error of his ways. Will Scrooge reform his ways in time to celebrate Christmas? Following the movie there will be a discussion.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol









2nd movie, Saturday, December 6, 2014, 5:30 pm

It’s A Wonderful Life, a 1946 film, is considered the most loved films in American cinema and has become traditional viewing during the Christmas season. The film stars James Stewart as George Bailey, a man who has given up his dreams in order to help others and whose imminent suicide on Christmas Eve brings about the intervention of his guardian angel, Clarence shows George all the lives he has touched and how different life in his community of Bedford Falls would be had he never been born.

It's a Wonderful Life







3rd Movie Saturday, December 13, 5:30 pm.

Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas) is a deeply moving and inspiring story based on real life events. With the advent of World War I, Europe is thrown into a brutal and vicious chaos as men are forced to kill or be killed. While blood soaks the battlefield as Christmas approaches, the men in the trenches of the Western Front face a transformation, however fleeting, toward peace and goodwill. Against all odds, four unlikely individuals from opposing sides (Diane Kruger, Benno Fürmann, Guillaume Canet, Gary Lewis) bond during this bloodless respite to experience the hope and goodness is is in humanity.

Joyeux Noel

4th movie, Saturday, December 20, 5:30 pm

Silent Night, Another inspiring fact-based World War II story set on Christmas Eve, 1944, finds a German Mother and her son seeking refuge in a cabin on the war front. When she is invaded by three American soldiers and then three German soldiers, she successfully convinces the soldiers to put aside their differences for one evening and share a Christmas dinner.

Silent Night