Spiritual Growth Course

The course began on Sunday June 14. It is a practical day to day working on your inner reconstruction, often referred to as regeneration.  This course will work for you to the extent that you use the tasks, and observe what happens in your inner life. Metaphorically, this course is like the reconstruction of our church steeple. The work began inside the steeple. So it is with spiritual life. This course is not about improving your business, finances, your physical health or your relationships. It focuses on the vertical dimension of your inner life and your relationship with God as you understand Him. It is quite possible that the inner work will lead to improvements in other areas.

The church building has been undergoing reconstruction beginning from inside the steeple, to the outer walls. 20150618_063930

The pictures show a progress, and so it is with our spiritual life, Spiritual Growth takes effort and attention to the details of our inner life. Reconstructing our inner life is possible but it is by no means instant. The work goes on day by day. The results of inner work may not be as obvious as seeing the church building becoming renewed. We must remember to attribute our progress to the Lord. People participating spiritual growth classes report, a sense of peace and  in-breaking of joy. It is all about becoming awake to our connection to the divine within. 20150705_090939

Participants will receive handouts each week. There will be binders and sheet protectors available for your handouts.

There are 12 sessions in the First Volume of the course. Each session has its printed material and handouts. Leaders should be familiar with the course material and work on the task before the lesson. As leaders, we are also travelling along the spiritual journey. Sharing our experiences with the tasks is at the core of the course, however, you may choose to pass during the sharing.

The First Session, “Waking up to Spiritual Life”,  was led, by Rev Gabriella

The Second session, “The Infernal Marriage” on June 21st  was led by Rev. Jane Siebert.

The Third session, “Not Identifying with Negative Emotions”, was led by Debbie Grable.

The Fourth Session, “Dealing with Criticism” was led by Rev. Gabriella.

The Fifth Session, “Applying the Golden Rule”, will be led by Linda Kraus.

The Sixth session, “Taming of the Wild Elephants, will be led by Gabriella

Please feel free to start at the Refreshments Table We, (Leaders) will have refreshments on the back table by 9:45 am.

At 10 am, we will move to the tables for the class. Please refrain from having refreshments with the exception of coffee or water, during the lesson.

This our agenda for each session with the exception of the first one, which does not have sharing.

  • We will begin with one hymn
  • Meditation
  • Sharing about the task assigned the week before
  • Talk
  • Task for next week & Handouts
  • Prayer

The Lessons is one hour.

Invitation to gather for refreshments at the back of the church.


Good News!

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